Academic Strategy Instruction

Academic Strategy Instruction is designed to teach students to use research-validated academic strategies. Effective academic strategy use allows students to master course content, demonstrate learning, and experience academic success.

Academic Strategy Instruction can help you:

  • Read and comprehend course content (textbooks, research articles, etc)
  • Take notes
  • Study for specific types of assessments
  • Complete a variety of assessments (exams, essays, projects, etc)
  • Increase self-advocacy skills
  • Develop critical executive function skills (organization, time management, self-regulation, attention, etc)
  • Improve academic self-confidence
  • Use assistive technology
  • Improve writing skills

Academic Strategy Instruction can be accessed in isolation or as part of our Academic Coaching Services.

Grant funding is often available to cover the cost of Academic Strategy Instruction provided by MyLearningCoach. We can support learners to access grant funding.