Assistive Technology Consultation & Training

Assistive Technology (AT) can be any item, piece of equipment, system, or program that supports students to overcome barriers to learning. Many post-secondary learners benefit from the use of various forms of AT to support them in their studies.

Assistive Technology Consultations involve a collaboration with students to examine learning challenges and determine appropriate low, mid, and high-level Assistive Technology options that will best facilitate learning. We support students to select appropriate AT tools and to learn how to use these recommended tools with their current course material and assignments.

Assistive Technology (AT) can help you:

  • Read textbooks/course material
  • Write papers and complete assignments
  • Take notes
  • Record lectures

Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation and Training can be accessed in isolation or as part of our Academic Coaching Services.

Grant funding is often available to cover the cost of Assistive Technology Consultation provided by MyLearningCoach. We can support learners to access grant funding.