MyLearningCoach provides a variety of services aimed at increasing access to post-secondary education through services that remove barriers to learning.

Our services are designed with the post-secondary student in mind. We support learners to access grant funding to cover the cost of our services.

Featured Service

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is our most requested service. Academic Coaching is a blend of academic strategy instruction and more traditional tutoring support, as outlined in the services below. Students are paired with a coach that guides them through their post-secondary studies.Through this model, we educate learners on the resources available and guide them to develop the necessary skills and strategies for post-secondary success.

Can include support with assistive technology, post-secondary transition, academic program planning, scholarship applications, and more.

Grant funding is often available to cover the cost of Academic Coaching provided by MyLearningCoach. We support students in accessing this grant funding.

Coaching services are offered in both official languages, French and English. If you are in an immersion program or need assistance with language-based courses, we have a coach that can support you.

Our Services

academic strategy instruction

Academic Strategy Instruction

Academic Strategy Instruction is designed to teach students to use research-validated academic strategies. Effective academic strategy use allows students to master course content, demonstrate learning, and experience academic success.

tutoring services


Tutoring is designed for students who need to supplement class instruction through more traditional support. Tutoring is appropriate for students who require support in one specific course or subject area.

Assistive Technology Consultation & Training

Assistive Technology Consultation & Training

Assistive Technology (AT) can be any item, piece of equipment, system or program that supports students to overcome barriers to learning. Many post-secondary learners benefit from the use of various forms of AT to support them in their studies.

post secondary advising

Academic and Accessibility Advising

Academic and Accessibility Advising offers students guidance in navigating the postsecondary world.

We support students with accessing information to make informed decisions about their post-secondary options and accessibility needs.

counseling & therapy

Counseling & Therapy

Mental wellness is important for all students and thus, we have partnered with psychologists, counselors, and student interns to offer accessible counseling services to our students.

Educational-Psychological Assessments

Educational-Psychological Assessments

Educational-Psychological Assessments are standardized assessments that look at an individual’s intellectual and academic abilities.

These assessments are administered by a psychologist or a psychometrist and, combined with clinical interviews, observations and historical information, identify how individuals learn best.