Academic Coaching for students

Understanding the needs of post-secondary learners, MyLearningCoach has designed a blended support model that builds off traditional tutoring and academic strategy instruction. Academic Coaching supports students to develop effective learning strategies and incorporates remedial tutor support to fill in gaps or lagging skills as needed. MyLearningCoach works with students to capitalize on their strengths, and to implement strategies and skills to achieve their personal learning goals.

Academic Coaching utilizes a comprehensive approach to support students. We educate learners on the resources available and guide them to develop the skills necessary to advocate for their own learning needs. 

Through the coaching process, we explore post-secondary transition options and offer program planning and academic advising.

We also guide students to effectively utilize and access various forms of Assistive Technology necessary for learning.

Our Learning Coaches provide Academic Coaching and guidance to students throughout their entire term(s). Grant funding is available to cover the cost of Academic Coaching provided by MyLearningCoach.

Grant funding is available to cover the cost of Academic Coaching Services provided by MyLearningCoach.