About Us

our philosophy

At MyLearningCoach, we believe education has the power to change lives.

There are many barriers that prevent post-secondary students from achieving their best. We strive to support post-secondary students to obtain full access to the resources, strategies and skills necessary for their own personal academic journeys.

MyLearningCoach offers a variety of services designed to remove such barriers and increase equitable access to learning.

Our Story

MyLearningCoach was founded by Deanna Fidelak in 2020. Deanna is a proud graduate from the University of Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Education in Special Education and a Masters in Educational Psychology. She also earned a teacher leadership certificate from the University of Upper Iowa. Deanna works in post-secondary education in the fields of accessibility and educational psychology. She is a former K-12 educator, inclusive education coordinator and school leader.

Deanna draws on her lived experience to relate to students and has designed MyLearningCoach to support students who experience barriers to learning. Deanna has first-hand experience navigating post-secondary education as a student with learning disabilities and ADHD, which allows her to empathize with many of the challenges students face.  She is a first-generation university graduate, and successfully navigated graduate school as a single parent while working full-time.

Deanna’s life experience and career path has brought her full circle as she now finds herself advocating for the rights of post-secondary students. Deanna established MyLearningCoach after witnessing the barriers preventing students from accessing the necessary support. She is determined to create a service for students that allows them to have full access to an equitable education.

MyLearningCoach consists of a collective of educational professionals who provide a variety of academic coaching services including: academic strategy instruction, tutoring, assistive technology consultation and training, academic and accessibility advising, educational-psychological assessments, counseling and more. Our services utilize an individualized collaborative coaching model and are delivered virtually to students across Canada. Understanding that finances are often a significant barrier, MyLearningCoach supports eligible students to access grant funding to cover the cost of services.

Our Mission & Core Values

At MyLearningCoach, our mission is to ensure students have full access to an equitable education. We aim to provide educational services that remove barriers, empower, and support students to reach their full academic potential.

Education has the power to transform lives. We believe post-secondary education should be accessible.

 All of our work is guided by our five core values:


We commit to being honest, trustworthy, and fair. We are transparent in our decision-making and honor our commitments.


People and relationships are at our core. We accept you for who you are and how you are.


Not only are we educators, but we are also learners. We learn as much from our students as they do from us.


We understand it takes courage to seek support. We have lived experience navigating a variety of learning environments and life situations.


We practice what we preach. We believe all students can succeed when they are provided with the appropriate tools and resources.